Arnand Nigam Overington – Kriya Yoga Meditation & workshop

Who am I? (1 hours, bring something comfortable to sit on)

The single most important question we can ever ask ourselves. and one must be mature enough in the first place to ask it, is “Who am I? or “Who or what is that presence indwelling within me?”. Until one asks this fundamental existential question of themselves life is.

When one begins to understand some of the arising answers they begin a Life changing journey as ones own perspective of Life begins to alter.

Join with Anand Nigam on this journey and learn this ancient and powerful Meditation technique and begin practising it immediately.

A brief introduction into Kriya Yoga Meditation

Learn about one of the most powerful meditation practices that Satyananda and Yogananda taught and described as the quickest method available to man on his journey of Spiritual Unfoldment. Kriya Yoga works directly on the energy body using awareness, sound and breath awareness as the practitioner rotates their awareness through the two main energy channels and each of their chakras.

The system Anand Nigam shares with his students has 20 meditation practices. During this workshop, you will be shown the fundamentals of Kriya Yoga and we will learn and practise two Kriyas together.

Kirtan celebration and meditation with Anand Nigam & Friends.