DJ Martyn Zij – Ecstatic Dance

Martyn Zij developed an unique taste for different music genres from all over the world, diverse but with a similar characteristic – music which gives space, excites trance and imagination but lso ensures a presence in the “here and now”.

His sound ranges from grounding bass &beats, tribal grooves to a more meditative and lyrical vibe. These he brings together in a funky and soul-full way touching the heart of the dancer and listener. As might be expected of a musician he is guided by the energy on the dance floor, and is not afraid of unexpected surprises and twists in his DJ sets.  One of the reasons to find his passion for deejay-ing was the discovery of EcstaticDance. Suddenly it became clear that all the music Martyn loves so much easily can come together in a set for this special phenomenon.

At the end of 2013 Martyn became and is still one of the resident-deejays of Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam.From then on Martyn also got invited by diverse Ecstatic Dance Tribes inNetherlands, Europe and Russia and the last two years in Goa, India. He loves to share the music, the dance and the joy with these communities and gets inspired by the different vibes of that unique happening every Ecstatic Danceis.

After a few years deejaying Martyn started to combine his skills as a producer/musician with his experience asa deejay. He uses his studios kills to remix and rework different music from all of the world so they become “dance floor”friendly and he can include them in his deejay-sets. Next to these remixes he is also working on his own compositions and songs to spread and share his unique deep funky and heartwarming sound allover the world.





Martyn dj