Jayendra Hanley – Anusara yoga

Jayendra Hanley is from the U.S. and he’s lived in Amersfoort for many years. He regularly offers 200-Hour Teacher Trainings at Bindi Yoga Studio, while also traveling all over western Europe to teach 200-Hour and 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Trainings. Students love the clarity of his instructions, his wide knowledge of yoga, and his light fun style.

Anusara® yoga is a hatha yoga system that features Universal Principles of Alignment and a non-dual Tantric philosophy that is epitomized by a “celebration of the heart”.  We enjoy an active, energetic asana practice that is supported by an inspiring class theme.

Anusara yoga teachers are very skilled at helping students align in the poses so that we can move energy, open up the body safely, and have fun doing the poses!  We’ll practice a full spectrum of postures leading to a more challenging apex pose, and conclude the class with meditation and shavasana. All students are welcome – we can offer variations and use yoga props to adapt the postures so that everyone can enjoy them.